Founder Casey McKibbon

Casey McKibbonClergy Support Network founder Casey left a successful career in business to enter the Church. He holds degrees in English, Philosophy and Theology. His roots go deep in the United Church. The McKibbon family have a long history in the United Church having come in at Church Union from the Methodist tradition in 1925. Casey has served the Church since 1967 and was ordained by the United Church of Canada in 1974.

He served a variety of congregations including the United Church in Metcalfe-Edwards, Ontario in the Ottawa Presbytery beginning in 1979. After a happy time in Metcalfe-Edwards, Casey resigned from the order of ministry of the United Church in 1999 to accept the call to become the Chief Governing Official of Clergy Support Memorial Church.

As for hobbies, Casey raises ‘wild’ Ontario orchids and many other native wild plants. He is an expert tree planter and organic gardener. He has a deep love and respect for nature and spends as much time as possible watching birds, feeding deer in his back yard and any other wildlife that comes his way especially his personal flock of wild turkeys.

He loves and respects all creatures especially his two dogs and two cats. Through them he has learned that all animals also have rights and need advocates!

In May, 1993 McKibbon was awarded the Canada Medal from the Government of Canada by the Governor General, for this pioneering ministry with clergy of all faith traditions who feel unfairly treated by congregations or a church bureaucracy.

The most important part of the Mission of the Clergy Support Memorial Church in Casey’s opinion is the ability of the church to restore credentials to pastors who have had their credentials lifted unjustly, thus restoring them to ministry and bringing healing to the wider church.